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Moving Office Guide


Businesses may decide to move in order to expand staff, save on rent, or locate to a more business friendly area. Whatever the reason, moving an office is a major hassle for a business. Whether you are just a few people or a large office, proper planning and coordination is necessary in order to make the move as smooth as possible. Use this guide to help plan and strategize your office moving day effectively.

Plan Early
Depending on the size of your office, it is smart to start planning a minimum of 6 months out. Create or use a moving checklist to help organize your tasks within a timeline. You will most likely want to move on a weekend in order to keep the business operating, and therefore you should make reservations with any companies you will need (packing, moving, shipping, etc.). Measure all the office furniture so you can start planning the layout for your new office. Take inventory of your current equipment and get rid of any clutter in order to make the best usage of your new space. Finally, make sure that the HVAC system, kitchens and bathrooms, are all working properly before the move.

Delegate Tasks
One person cannot move an entire office and therefore it’s best if department heads handle their own sections. They will know best how equipment should be packed and how to set up the furniture in an optimal way. Communicate with the employees to get their feedback on how the new office should be arranged.  After all, they will be working there everyday and will be happier if they are involved in the planning process.   If you have clients visit your office, determine who will be informing who about the move. Have someone go around and take pictures in case you need to reference previous configurations.

The Move
Let the professionals handle the moving of large furniture. The less people involved, the better. Unnecessary people can slow the process and will have conflicting ideas about layout. Once the large items are unpacked, have the IT team come in before everyone else to set up all the networks, phones, etc. It will be easier for them to work before non-critical items are unpacked such as art and plants. Once the technology is setup properly, then you can have the rest of the staff unpack their desks, put items in the kitchen, etc.

After The Move
Update your address on your website, stationary, and any map listings you may have. Make sure all of your mail is forwarded to your new location.  Distribute new keys and update the phone list if any of the phone numbers have changed. Encourage your employees to make adjustments to make them feel more comfortable in their new location.

That’s it! Hopefully you are happy in your new office location and will not have to move again anytime soon.  Contact ECOSHRED if you are located in NJ and need Secure Paper Shredding Services or Computer/Electronic Recycling.

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