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Commercial & Residential Shredding Services

We offer shredding service to large and small businesses, homes, universities, medical facilities and government agencies.

No matter the size of your business ECOSHRED offers two services: scheduled shredding service and one-time purges. If your business needs weekly or monthly document destruction, you’ll want our scheduled shredding service. Need to get rid of unwanted records? Choose our purge bulk shredding service.

Scheduled Shredding Service:

For customers that require ongoing shredding needs, ECOSHRED will supply complimentary lockable bins or consoles for secure storage until our next visit. These bins or consoles can be stored wherever is convenient for your staff. Our heavy-duty shredder can handle paper clips, staples, and binder clips. Just throw in all your unwanted documents and we will take care of it!

Scheduled shredding can be as frequent as you need. An ECOSHRED professional will come to your location to empty all bins or consoles. All contents are shredded and the material is recycled. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction after each service.

Purge Bulk Shredding:

If you have sensitive documents that you no longer want or need, let ECOSHRED destroy those for you with our purge bulk shredding service. Boxes, file cabinets, shelves of old documents take up valuable space that can be used for better purposes. Storage units packed with old, unwanted documents can be costly. From small storage spaces to entire warehouses, our purge bulk shredding service can provide you the solution you need.

Hard Drive Destruction:

Simply erasing, wiping or sanitizing hard drives does not guarantee that the information is gone. Our hard drive destruction service will physically destroy your drives. It is the only 100% total method of data destruction. The remaining material is then recycled and reused. ECOSHRED’s documented chain of custody procedures are followed and a Certificate of Destruction is generated.

Computer and Electronics Recycling:

Electronic equipment that is beyond repair or obsolete should be recycled. ECOSHRED will recycle the equipment ecologically in compliance with all current regulations.

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