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When Hiring A Professional Organizer Makes Sense

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Maintaining organization for your family or business is a skill that not everyone possesses. Most people underestimate how much time and money they lose as a result of poor organization skills.  Living or working in a space that is overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization can really impact an individuals’ mental state and productivity.  Just like an individual might hire a personal trainer if diet and exercise were not working, hiring a professional organizer makes sense if your living or working space is in disarray.  If you are surrounded by clutter, have an inefficient workspace, or are ashamed to have guests over, hiring a professional organizer will help.

Finding the Right Professional Organizer

In order for a professional organizer to be effective, they must understand your daily life and processes.  There are many different levels of organization skills, and a consultant will work with you to determine current skill level in order to make a customized plan.  They will be able to pin-point areas where your organization can be improved and streamlined, and offer a plan for once your organization system is optimized.  Find a professional organizer that will work best for your business or home lifestyle.  A professional organizer’s expertise will reduce the clutter and provide long lasting solutions. They will listen to your needs and provide support along the way!

Professional Organizer Services

Typically an organizer will offer these or similar services:

  • Clutter Management – Determining what to keep, shred, or recycle
  • Mail & Bill Pay – Creating a system for mail organization and paying bills on time
  • Going Paperless – Scanning photos, receipts, or any other documents so that you can easy search and filter through digital copies
  • Closets & Storage – Designing custom closets or recommending storage systems to keep your personal items organized
  • Office Organization –  Determine how you can streamline your business operations and better manage your time
  • Moving – Help with decluttering, packing, planning and coordination, unpacking and organizing
  • Legal Support – Organizing documentation during divorces, lawsuits, estate planning, etc.
  • Coaching – Coming up with an on-going plan for future organization

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